exhibition talk


So yeah, like it says – it’s exhibition time!

Well, it will be in three and a half weeks time.

Did you come to my first exhibition opening in May 2011? If you did, you might remember the auditorium where I gave my talk was packed and quite a few people missed out.

To avoid that happening, you need to RESERVE YOUR SEATS ASAP – details on the flyer above.

I so hope you can make it. The talk will start at 11.30 so maybe come earlier for a spin around the gallery.





On the BOOK front, my pre-order crowd funding campaign (above) kicked off a day ago – many thanks to those who’ve already pre-ordered but we still have a way to go to ensure the book gets published. If you think you’d like a copy, please head over here to pre-order.

There’s only 12 days left of the campaign – and I know it’s going to race by.


I tell you, it’s been intense of late. I don’t think I’ve ever been so single-minded or worked so hard. I literally don’t feel like I’ve stopped since we got back. But all the long days and nights will be worth it when I see those images from all around the world on the walls of the gallery and (hopefully) in the book.

Anyway, like I said, to ensure you get a seat at my talk, go reserve one now.

And see you in a few weeks time if you can make it!

  1. Joel says:

    Booking tickets.

    If nothing else, it’ll ensure I don’t repeat what I did last time (which was go “it’s fine, there’s lots of time left to see the exhibition” until there wasn’t any time left…)


    • Louise says:

      I know that feeling. Glad to see you’re getting in early.

  2. Joel says:

    Not early enough, it seems. Website’s showing “sold out” already…

    • Louise says:

      Oh no! I’m so sorry Joel, that was too quick.

  3. SarahN says:

    Yay you’re sold out. Boo, I didn’t get a ticket. It’s ok, I’ll still come and look, and just not hear the formal speech-y-ness/

    • Louise says:

      I can’t believe the tickets sold so quickly. Sorry. But yes, please come still!



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