To everyone who pre-ordered the book – You did it!

If you pre-ordered a 52 Suburbs Around the World book… YOU DID IT!! The book just reached its goal!


Thank you so much for supporting this self-publishing adventure. It means the world to me, literally.

I have been checking my Pozible page ridiculously often over the last two weeks. And today, when we were 88% of the way there but with only 72 hours to go, I had to wonder, would we get there.

So I went grocery shopping – and between aisles 3 and 4, checked my phone for any update – and there it was. A largish pre-order by Rogerseller, one of my lovely sponsors, took it from 88% to just over 100%!

So to every single one of the 180 supporters of this two week campaign to bring a project from digital to printed life, you absolutely ROCKKKKKKKK!!!!!

Seriously I can’t thank you enough. Well, that’s not true – hopefully when you sit down with your signed copy of 52 Suburbs Around the World in a few months time, that will be my way of thanking you.

A quick note to anyone who paid by Paypal: After the amazing news I got another email from Pozible telling me for some reason Paypal have restricted my account. I just set it up and apparently they need more information about my identity. It’ll take three days to clear so if you’re wondering why you haven’t got an email from Pozible saying your Paypal account has been debited, that’s why. It’ll happen next week.

  1. maggie bernaldo says:

    Louise – fabulous news – I consider there were quite a few of us followers feeling the vibes along with your team. maggie

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m really bummed that I might not be able to see the actual exhibition and meet you, so to say I am excited to get my hands on the book is an understatement!!! I cannot wait for the behind scenes sections <3

    • Louise says:

      Amanda, I’m sorry you couldn’t make it too. Just posted a video of my talk though – second-best but better than nout?

  3. Rajeev says:

    Hey there,

    I just read an article about your work in ‘The Australian Magazine’ and looking forward to reading your book. Sounds very inspiring as I’ve just recently started a blog and looking to get into photography. I’m a Londoner turned Adeladian. I was using wordpress to write the blog but finding it a bit complicated. So I though I’d just create a site.



  4. Janine says:

    Super excited for you, Louise & Coco! I’m so looking forward to receiving your book!! xo

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