the 52 Suburbs Shop is open



Unlike the new shop in the image above that was getting ready to open its doors (snapped for a client last week) the 52 Suburbs Shop is an online, virtual affair.

I’m starting out small with just a few offerings – book, postcards, prints – but who knows where it could end up (beer coasters anyone?)

Just click on the SHOP tab in the navigation bar above to pre-order the book (if you live in Australia it’ll arrive on your doorstep early October) or, for immediate gratification, order some postcards.

I’m still setting up the facility to order prints – check back in a few days time if you’re interested or email me any time (

SPOILER ALERT: If you’ve ordered a book and you’d rather wait and be surprised, avert your gaze – I’m about to show you the front cover of the book…

Not easy to choose what should adorn the front cover. In the end I decided on something very simple – a single image that I don’t think I ever posted on the blog. I was photographing these beautiful threads woven around a tree in Delhi – a religious ritual – when a man gently stuck his head around to try and work out what the woman with the camera was doing.

It summed up one of the central ideas of my project – photographing things other people might never consider beautiful or worthy of a photograph.

Anyway, here’s the original image:




And here’s how it ended up as the cover of the book:








The print run isn’t huge so if you’re keen to secure your copy of the book with the man on the front wondering what on earth I’m doing, click on SHOP and order!


  1. Cheryl says:

    Love the cover!
    I too take great delight in photographing “things” that seem “ordinary” to others, but when they actually LOOK, they also see!!

  2. Lisa Claridge says:

    Woohoo! An online shop. That’s great. Might just virtually pop in when I come back to Australia in November. Still hoping to get to the gallery before the exhibition closes. All the best.

  3. Chantal says:

    how exciting! I love the cover – stunning image


  4. Gay Miers says:

    Great colour and perfect pic my dear!!

  5. Gill says:

    Great cover with those colors and textures. Looking fwd to receiving my copy. All the best with what ever is brewing in your minds eye!

  6. Marc Burlace says:

    Great choice Louise. Look forward to adding this book to my collection of one. Loved following you and your beautiful daughter around the world. Inspiring!

  7. Jo Kaupe says:

    I love the cover, love the plane whizzing round the tree.

  8. Jo Kaupe says:

    Or landing on the tree, either way. lovely

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