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I just got an email from a friend saying her brother bought one of my books for his partner for Valentine’s Day. What I love about it is that apparently the partner will be “shocked” because he never usually celebrates the day but that “your book looks so lovely” he knew she’d love it. 

My first thought was, what a top bloke (and yes – I want one like that!), quickly followed by, I wonder how many people want to mark the day but not necessarily with the traditional roses and whatever.

So, if you’re scratching your head, wondering what to do about tomorrow, I can organise a next day delivery (within the Sydney area) if you buy a book from the blog shop (just above) before 5pm Australian EST today – and sneak in a couple of my postcard sets to honour that wonderful thing called love, in all its guises. (Just choose the Parcel Post Standard Service option.)

Email me at with any (quick) questions.


Some ‘reviews’ from those who’ve already got the book:

“Got it today. It is quite overwhelming. So thrilled it’s done, it’s even more wonderful than I expected. Congrats. You can be justly proud of a unique work.” John Swainston

“I got mine today and it’s simply stunning. What a wonderful adventure for you and Coco. So pleased it all worked out, too.” Emma Cooper

“Got mine yesterday and read it from cover to cover last night. Forgot dinner till about 11pm, when I finished. Love it to bits. Looking forward to reading it again over the weekend . . . and more adventures from Louise & Coco.” Peter J Rogers

“YEEEEES!!!! I just LOVE it and I want to hibernate and devour every photo and every word. You are incredible and can be SO proud of the exquisite quality and totally stunning finished product. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xxx:)” Sarah Hudson

“Hooray! It’s here! Now, the door is closed, the phone off and the “I’m busy” sign is out? It looks amazing!” Carolyn Cross

“My book arrived yesterday. It was well worth the wait! It is just MAGNIFICENT! I love everything about it, the photos, the colours, the story lines, it makes me want to go on an adventure. Thank you so so much for a beautiful work.” Joyce

“I have received your beautiful creation and i’m smiling broadly as i flick through, already reserving time this weekend to soak it up (and plan a mindful adventure!)
thank you for giving such a colourful, generous view of this world” Chris

“It’s beautiful! Was on my doorstep tonight. It made me smile and laugh and even shed a little tear, and I’ve really only read the intro and flicked through the photos. Congratulations to you and Coco. You should be thrilled!” Sherrill Nixon

And finally from Andy:

“Hi Louise, our book arrived this week, just in time for Valentines Day :) We love it, it is beautiful, thank you”














































  1. maggie bernaldo says:

    Louise & Coco ~ I collected my copies from PO yesterday ~ and so, so thrilled. And congratulations on all aspects of your challenge ~ including seeing the book through to print. MaggieB

    • Louise says:

      Thanks so much Maggie. I’m thrilled that you’re thrilled. Totally makes my day. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Red Peony says:

    Hi Louise – thank you for such a lovely book….. it’s certainly been worth waiting for.

    When I look through it, it feels like I am living all my travels all over again and feet are itching!!

    Of course it also brings back memories of when you and Coco were on the road, and I would wait for your weekly posts.

    Can’t wait to see what adventures you and Coco are up to next.

    All the best

    • Louise says:

      I’m very glad the book is taking you down myriad memory lanes. I know the feeling – every time I would do yet another pass through the book, when I was selecting images and designing it, I’d be transported back to that week in wherever we were – it made me feel happy but nostalgic (already) and ultimately, hungry for more travel. I thought I’d quenched my travel lust but I now think that because the world is such an amazing place and it’s so rewarding to spend long stints in places – and that there’s so so many places you could explore – that it’s impossible to be quenched. Here’s to more wanderings!

  3. Bron says:

    Wonderful Louise! We love having your book on the coffee table and just gradually taking our own trip around the world. As usual, your sense of colour and style and the quirky juxtaposition of your characters is not only fascinating but there’s a lot of humour there as well! Thank you for the experience!

    • Louise says:

      Thanks very much Bron! x

  4. SarahN says:

    Oh I’m so excited that this has finally come to fruition, despite the hiccups along the way! I’m that weird kickstarter who didn’t want a copy of the book, but I did go to your exhibition, and I watched all the video slide shows too. The photos look amazing, and I’ll be sure to look at in stores too. And libraries ;) If they don’t have it, I’ll campaign!

    • Louise says:

      You’re wonderful Sarah, to support a book pre-order without wanting a book! But I’m very happy you love the project nonetheless – and yes please, campaign for the book to be in every library in the land! That would be truly amazing.

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