Two exhibitions + one giveaway


It’s been a year since I finished 52 Suburbs Around the World – time to get cracking on a new project very soon methinks.

But as much as I’m keen for new, I’m still enjoying celebrating 52SATW.

On that, I have two things to share.

First up, if you happen to live anywhere near Dubbo, NSW, guess what? The entire 52 Suburbs ATW exhibition that was at the Museum of Sydney has travelled there – to the Western Plains Cultural Centre to be precise. All 100+ prints and the AV component too, until the end of this month.

And secondly, for those closer to Sydney, there’s a smaller version of the original exhibition on at KINOKUNIYA Bookshop, for the next two weeks.

Kinokuniya is opposite the QVB, in the Galeries, 500 George Street. Head up the escalator to Level 2 and you’ll see a world map drawn on the glass window outside the store – directly inside is the exhibition, in what they call the Wedge Gallery.

After printing around 15 of my favourites from the project (with the lovely Ben above) I got busy this week preparing the space. My gorgeous and talented artist bro, Guy, came along and drew the world map for me, which I then added to with city names …






We hung a close-to life-size print of Coco and I (taken by Casandra Anguita Deep) to welcome people into the exhibition …






Aside from the images some of you may be familiar with from the MoS exhibition, I added a few more, like the ‘love’ print on the right below …






And I had considerable fun playing with cardboard and Posca pens …







To add to the fun, I’m giving away a signed copy of the book.

All you have to do is visit the exhibition and write down your favourite place in the world in the book provided – as well as stick an orange sticker on the world map and explain why you love that place. (So I know you’re a blog follower, just add the word ‘blog’ after your entry in the book.)




Whoever leaves the most intriguing/weird/wonderful reason for loving a place will receive a copy of 52 Suburbs Around the World.

You’ve got until the close of the exhibition – 18th March – to make your mark.







I’ll also be giving a talk at Kinokuniya next Thursday 13th March, 6.15pm – a good time to unofficially officially open the exhibition.

So, in summary:

– Exhibition – Dubbo, at Western Plains Cultural Centre – Until end of March

– Exhibition – Sydney, at Kinokuniya Books – Until 18th March

– Talk – Sydney, at Kinokuniya Books – 6.15pm, 13th March

 Oh, and Coco and I will be at Kinokuniya this weekend, around midday, if you happen to be swinging by.

  1. Corrina Tough says:

    Wish I could visit Louise- desperately want a copy of that gorgeous book of yours xx Corrina
    My favorite place in the world in Paris, I love that I get woken up by the smell of croissants baking in the morning, I love seeing girls riding push bikes with no helmets on and skirts without a care in the world while traffic beeps and bustles around them, I love the colour of Paris sunsets and walks along the Seine- and the art!!! Everything just seems tastier in Paris xx

    • Louise says:

      I predict Paris will have more orange dots around it than any other city. Thanks for painting a picture of it – takes me back too.

  2. bronwyn says:

    I love your work, talent, gutsy-ness, and I enjoyed the MOS exhibition. I am sending this to a couple of city-based friends right now, telling them to GO

    • Louise says:

      Thanks Bronwyn!

  3. suzy says:

    The Kinokuniya exhibition looks great – love the map! It’s one of my favourite places in the city, I’ll definitely stop by.

    • Louise says:

      Would be great to see you again Suzy (those kids must be all grown up almost by now!)

  4. Sarah says:

    Any chance you will get to bring the exhibition to Melbourne? Would love to see the photos, but cant get to Sydney :(
    Please Please Please come to Melbourne!

    • Louise says:

      Love to. I’m threatening maybe a talk at least – prints are more tricky to transport well, especially when they’re cotton rag – the look and feel is so lovely but they’re 100% unforgiving with the slightest knock or hand-print etc. Would just a talk and slide-show be appealing?

  5. Aimée says:

    Can’t wait to see the installation at Kinokuniya (one of my fave places in Sydney, no less!) and excited for more people to see your work and explorations. Félicitations!

  6. SarahN says:


    I live in Sydney with nothing on this weekend, oh how I get to meet you – cause I now feel like I know you after following you week after week. I love all of France too, but I know it’ll be over ‘stickered’ so I’ll try to think of somewhere less known with a good story :D

  7. Sarah Trew says:

    Hi Louise
    I would love to attend a talk and slide show in Melbourne! Although living in the west I may be restricted if you go somewhere out east! Hope to see you in Melbourne soon.

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