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Limited edition prints are available of any image from my blog, exhibition or book.

All prints are signed and numbered.

Choose from 23 of my favourite images above or contact me directly for any other image.


Other decisions to make:

• Size –

Small – 43cm x 33cm (approx. A3) – Limited edition of 100

Medium – 64cm x 49cm (approx. A2) – Limited edition of 100

Large – 94cm x 73cm (approx. A1) – Limited edition of 50

Extra-large – 112cm x 87cm (approx. A0) – Limited edition of 25


• Paper type – Premium photographic paper or Cotton Rag

If you’re after something really special, I’d recommend the cotton rag – it’s an incredibly beautiful paper that has a luxurious, ultra-quality feel about it. It’s what all the prints in my exhibition at the Museum of Sydney are printed on.


• Framed or unframed

• If framed – Colour: White or raw wood

The frame itself has a nice, clean, modern look, as per below. (It’s called a box frame and has a gap between the image and the front.)


International or interstate enquiries: The best way to send you a print is unframed. I can arrange framing but it would probably be less expensive and safer to frame locally.

If all this is way too much decision-making, feel free to email me and I’ll help!

DELIVERY TIME – Unframed prints will be delivered within 10 working days. Framed prints will take around 14 working days. Please contact Louise if you have a more urgent need.

PAYMENT METHOD – Either Paypal or credit card (via Paypal – without having to join Paypal). Or if you’d prefer direct debit, just email Louise –





Additional information

Weight 20000 g
Dimensions 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm

Small (approx. A3) – 43cm x 33cm, Medium (approx. A2) – 64cm x 49cm, Large (approx. A1) – 94cm x 73cm, Extra-Large (approx. A0) – 112cm x 87cm


Framed, Unframed

Paper type

Cotton rag, Premium photographic paper


can whip up a band costume in no time, burnt sienna, it's a child's playground now, water colours 2, flying back to her adopted home, Auckland – Elizabeth, originally from Samoa, eyes the colour of the Sea of Marmara, lattice-like, park and pond, bird on a branch, floating fish, scales, water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to swim in, visiting from Tokyo to play dress up – Yuika, smoke and rubble but at least the washing's done, last light, grandpa, last chance to see the autumn leaves, and we waited, between, adios LA, all shapes and sizes, Branson the pug, on Sunset Blvd, Patricia and Shianne [b&w], it's a child's playground now [single, b&w], how the French can eat so many pastries and still stay so slim [b&w], yeah!, Paris [b&w], their version of a Hills Hoist, Tarlabasi, Istanbul [b&w], another option (specify at Check-out or contact Louise directly –


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