A set of seven postcards, featuring some of my favourite images from 52 Suburbs Around the World.

Aside from using them as actual postcards, they make great display images, framed or unframed.

And radical, I know, but I also use them often as regular cards – just add a hand-written ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Get Well Soon’ on the back and you’re good to go.


Seven favourite images from 52 Suburbs Around the World:

burnt sienna, Pigneto, Rome

icecream-truck time again, Jamaica, New York

perfume before prayer, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi

recent arrivals and the original ones, Avondale, Auckland

it’s a child’s playground now, Tarlabasi, Istanbul

can whip up a band costume in a jiffy, Lodhi, Delhi

visiting from Tokyo to play dress up –  Yuika, Higashiyama, Kyoto


Made in Australia

Size: Each card is 13cm long x 10cm high. Presented as a concertina set.

Additional information

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 105 x 148 x 10 mm


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