Well hello there. Welcome to 52 Suburbs Around the World, where grand flashy bits of cities are given the cold shoulder and suburbs rule. (If you’re new to this project and that last sentence made no sense whatsoever, check out the ‘About’ section and all should be clear.)

So here’s how things stand right now. Me, a mix of nerves and excitement, as I explained in my last post over at 52 Suburbs. Eight year old Coco, on the other hand, chilled. Well of course she’s chilled. She has no idea of the myriad disasters that could strike us down over the next 12 months (tad too dramatic? Just saying). In fact, for her, disaster has already happened – no Christmas tree. Hard, I explain, when one is living out of a suitcase. I keep eyeing off those miniature Christmas trees, wondering if I should shell out some ridiculous amount for a stunted spruce. But to be honest, it’s never felt less like Christmas; I keep forgetting about it until I spy a reindeer or tinsel and I’m all, oh yer, it’s Christmas. In truth, I can’t be doing with carols and whatnot when I’m planning world domination. I am woman hear me roar, sure, but there’s a limit.

Anyway, prattle prattle. I really just wanted to welcome you and usher you aboard the 52 Suburbs Around the World private jet plane. There’ll be a slight delay – eight days in fact – but then we’ll be pushing back and taking off. Fasten your seatbelts.

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