What’s slower than a snail? Whatever it is, I’ve moved slower than it the last couple of weeks. Not only am I hopeless in Sydney’s steamy summer heat – my body must have also got wind of the fact it was home; after a year of pounding pavements and putting up with late nights, jet lag and whatever, it decided to slow to a crawl.

But I suspect I’ve also been dragging No 52 out – it’s the last one! Wah!

Added to all that is the fact that life finally intervened – bits of work, kid stuff, etc – and I’ve let it. After so many months of feeling a constant pressure to post every week, I decided to take my sweet time. Why rush the last? Who’s counting?

Anyway, they’re all the excuses I can think of right now. I could probably rustle up a few more but do we care? Shouldn’t we just press on – to the very last suburb on 52 Suburbs Around the World?

Ladies and gents, teens and tweens, may I present suburb No 52… Coogee.

To be honest, I’ve never really known what to make of the place despite the fact we live in the suburb next door. While I loved one small corner of it – Wylies Baths – the rest never enticed. Too crowded with people and buses maybe? Impossible to park? For whatever reason, Coogee has always been just somewhere to drive through on my way to visit friends in Maroubra.

So why did I choose it to finish the project with? I was curious, would my impression of it change once I’d actually had a closer look? But mainly it was the fact it had a pool. A body of water I could submerge my tired, hot body in – with a camera! Shooting underwater is something I’ve always wanted to try – when Uge from the blog Aquabumps offered his underwater housing for me to play with, I jumped at the chance (thanks Uge!).

A little background to Coogee… Eight km SE of the city, Coogee is part of the ‘Eastern suburbs’ of Sydney. Name comes from the Aboriginal ‘koojah’, meaning smelly place, which may or may not refer to the copious amounts of seaweed that wash up on the beach. Anyone wanting a dip here is spoilt for choice, from Gordons Bay to the beach itself or one of the four ocean pools around the place. One of the more sporty suburbs – aside from swimming there’s surf lifesaving, beach volleyball and rugby.

Grab your swimmers, slap on some goo and let’s get beachside.


Part 1: First impressions

As I said, I haven’t necessarily been a fan to date. But when I actually took the time to really look around, I was delighted by the old word charm of Coogee; okay, the way they’ve landscaped the beach isn’t to my liking (is it the tiles? the awning?) but I loved the few remaining examples of kitschy signage and original flats around the place, and the incredible charm of Wylie’s Baths.



blue world :: 1

blue world :: 1





blue world :: 2

blue world :: 2





colours of the ocean

colours of the ocean





vivid - Jemma and Jade

vivid – Jemma and Jade





two, one, pull!

two, one, pull!





Wylie's and Boo

Wylie’s and Boo





of the sea :: 1

of the sea :: 1





written on his body

written on his body

















we're all boat people

we’re all boat people




The one advantage of taking so long with this final post is I’ve seen Coogee in hugely different weather. While the last few days have been sublime, I loved the drama of the stormy big seas and wild winds we had a few weeks back.



"It's too windy to do my fire tricks" - Melba from Chilee

“It’s too windy to do my fire tricks” – Melba from Chilee










Stormy Sunday

Stormy Sunday





I think the image below is my favourite. It was so windy, I’m not sure I caught the words – but I think Venus said they were from Parramatta. You can’t tell from the picture but all the kids had gone in the water fully dressed – and why not? Too much fun not to.



visiting from the suburbs - Venus and her family

visiting from the suburbs – Venus and her family





Part 2: Heidi

Coco and I were hanging around the pool at the southern end of Coogee Beach on a stormy afternoon when I noticed an older woman emerging from the pool. I probably wouldn’t have looked twice had it not been for the snorkel and the bronzed skin – or the bikini.

It turned out that 63 year old Heidi owns a handful of bikinis. Because every day she swims. Not just once but up to seven times a day. And each time, she likes to change into a dry bikini. So she can do what she does in between swimming – paint.

Heidi was born in Germany, coming out to Australia at the age of seven. For 40 years she’s been swimming every day at Coogee, no matter what the weather. Usually across the beach, retreating to the pool only when it’s just too rough.

When she was working as a graphic designer and art teacher, she would always find time to throw herself in the salty stuff at least once a day. Now she’s retired, she fills her days doing what she loves – swimming and painting.

Hooray! I want to be like Heidi when I grow up.



first she paints :: 1

Heidi’s studio :: 1





first she paints :: 2

Heidi’s studio :: 2





then she swims :: 1

water colours :: 1





then she swims :: 2

water colours :: 2





water colours

water colours :: 3





of the sea :: 2

of the sea :: 2





Part 3: Beneath

Swimming, love it. Photography, love it. Combine the two and I’m in heaven. Which in this case ain’t skyward – it’s beneath…



last day of summer

last day of summer





above - Mali

above – Mali











beneath :: 1 - Adam and Jess

beneath :: 1 – Adam and Jess





beneath :: 2 - Briar

beneath :: 2 – Briar





beneath :: 3 -Tia

beneath :: 3 -Tia





beneath :: 4 - Coco

beneath :: 4 – Coco :: 1





beneath :: 5 - Coco :: 2

beneath :: 5 – Coco :: 2





beneath :: 6

beneath :: 6





beneath :: 7

beneath :: 7





As much as I loved the experience of shooting underwater, I left feeling like I barely touched the surface, so to speak. I could do a year long project just on that alone – 52 Suburbs Underwater?!



The Wrap

What I loved about Coogee is its faded seaside-ness and its lack of pretension or feeling of exclusivity. An Eastern Suburb it might be but everyone is welcome here.

And I have changed my tune about the place. It’s gone from just a place to drive through to somewhere I’d actually like to go. For one, I rediscovered the joy of Wiley’s Baths – amazingly no one has buggered it up and it looks pretty much exactly the same as it did 20 years ago when I used to drive all the way across town just to enjoy it.

Shocking I know, but in all that time I never once hopped over to Coogee Beach itself. This time I actually got sand between my toes and had a look. I loved the northern headland that catches the last light, and the way the beach is bookended with ocean pools, one hemmed in by walls, the other a more natural affair. And I particularly enjoyed it when the wind was so strong you had to walk sideways, much like a crab.



Oh no, really? Is it that time already?

I’ve been so looking forward to and so dreading this moment – talk about mixed emotions.

Coogee Beach was a lovely place to express my thoughts…



this has been 52 Suburbs Around the World

this has been 52 Suburbs Around the World!





a tale of two chicks circumnavigating the globe

a tale of two chicks circumnavigating the globe





we've walked and photographed our butts off

we’ve walked and photographed our butts off





thank you everyone, wherever you live

thank you everyone, wherever you live









There are so many people I want to thank.

To everyone who joined us on the journey, thank you! Not only were you the best virtual travel companions ever. You also played a critical role in keeping me going. It was hugely motivating to know you would be checking in each week – it made me push myself that little bit harder, to make the experience the best it could be for you. And every comment anyone left would give me a thrill – every single one.

Thank you in particular to those blog followers from other cities who sent suburb suggestions or invited us to meet up with them – while we met countless wonderful people on the streets every day, to actually have a local we could call on who would happily share their knowledge of their city as well as their support for the project was very special.

So thank you, thank you!

I also want to thank everyone who helped to make the project fly, literally – from my wonderful Kickstarter supporters to my fabulous sponsors. The project has ended up costing me personally more than I’d expected but if I hadn’t gotten that initial support from you in the beginning, I would never have embarked on the journey. 

Thanks to those amazingly clever people who were on the tools behind the scenes. Stephen Lead for dutifully updating the map every week, thank you! And Kate Johnstone and Kat Clark for designing and revising the blog whenever required.

Many thanks to our friends and family for your constant love and support. And to the wonderful friends who housed us in NY, LA, Auckland and Melbourne, and put up with us either never there or me huddled over the computer all day and night.

I am of course eternally grateful to everyone who appeared on the blog – in many cases you let me take your photograph even though we could barely communicate. I’d stumble over my written script in Japanese or Italian or whatever and you’d kindly nod and smile. You’re all legends in my eyes.

And finally I have to thank a kid called Coco. It’s too early in the morning to spout tears so I’ll be quick. Given what a marathon this project was, given all the hours spent wandering aimlessly, given the fact there were no friends around for a year – given all this, I’m not sure I could have done this project with another child. Coco, thank you, for being an absolute bloody trooper and the most delightful person to spend a year with, 24/7.

Remember Coco at the beginning of the project? Eight years old and seemingly half the body size she is now.



only a year ago - Coco in Hong Kong

only a year ago – Coco in Hong Kong




You’ve watched her grow over the year – and in more ways than one. Always caring and kind, her experience of seeing the world and of meeting people often much less fortunate than herself has made her an even more compassionate human being.

And you know what was an unexpected delight? The way many of you became defacto aunties and uncles to Coco. Given it was just she and I for most of the time we were away, it was incredibly comforting to know you were there, like an extended virtual family. It warmed my heart many times.

Ultimately I feel extremely lucky. I’ve been able to do what I love for an entire year – exploring, photographing and sharing. Looking back, I can’t believe how little else I did, aside from keep Coco fed and watered. It’s been an obsession alright but a most wonderful obsession.

And to share it with my daughter as well as you all has been absolutely incredible.

So dear virtual travel companions, this is where the journey ends. Not entirely – I intend to keep the blog going until at least July when the images you’ve been looking at on your computer screen will take on another life at the Museum of Sydney for a four month long exhibition. I’ll be blogging about things various, details TBD.

But as far as our traipsing around the world for a year, well yes, that part is over. But whatever happens, we’ll always have Paris – and Hong Kong, New Delhi, Istanbul, Rome, Berlin, New York, LA, Tokyo, Kyoto, Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne and Sydney.

Much much love from Coco and I.









the end

the end




This suburb has been brought to you by Chris Korczowski • Ben Ho • Jennifer Parker

See you soon.


  1. James Murphy says:

    Hi Lou, great last post. I love imaging by the sea. Funny to see Heidi in your shots. She was a teacher at COFA during my time there. She was a permanent fixture at Wylies baths back then as well. She has changed a bit.
    Congratulations on this fantastic project. Hope we see you soon…x

  2. John Dobie says:

    Amazing job!! Loved following your adventures around the globe. It seemed to be over so soon, but a fantastic record of a crazy year, thanks so much, John

  3. Simeon King says:

    Congratulations — of all the places and all the suburbs ended with my favourite one.

  4. Simon Food Favourites says:

    Fantastic photos :-) makes me want to go for a beach swim now!

  5. suzanne says:

    Well done you two. A truly remarkable feat. See you around. xx

  6. Stephen says:

    Congrats Louise and Coco! You made it!

  7. Nancy says:

    Oh what a magnificent and heartfelt ending . Love xxx

  8. Luke says:

    Wow… you have come a long way since the beginning of this blog/idea. Congrats!

  9. Tanya says:

    Wow what am amazing effort from you both, a absolute pleasure to share your journey! Enjoy the rest and reflection…

  10. donna says:

    absolutely spectacular finish Louise….I will truly miss your posts, it has been such a delight…you are such a wonderful creative spirit…thank you for everything you have shared… :)

  11. Lisa Pires says:

    awwwww I feel sad and happy at the same time. We will miss your posts but thank you for all your effort, now have a rest! :)

  12. Fay Thomson says:

    The retired artist who snorkels at Coogee is my favourite.


  13. Noni says:

    a whole year…wow! big congrats to you both….bit sad too, I looked forward to your posts.
    loved the underwater pics….yes yes to 52 oceans/rivers/streams!

  14. Margo says:

    Congratulations, what a wonderful journey it has been,
    thanks for taking all of us along.

    margo on vancouver island

  15. Julie says:

    Louise, what a big, beautiful wrap!! Firstly congratulations on an extraordinary year. You & Coco are an inspiration, what a life experience mother & daughter have just shared. I’m thrilled you’ve ended with Coogee & tagged it on the list of all the other wonderful places you’ve been – if anyone was going to capture it’s essence in a beautiful way, it was going to be you. What a journey!! Welcome home & gentle landings x

  16. Kate C. says:

    This is just the beginning! Thank you so much Lou and Coco for taking us on such an amazing journey. Your photos’ speak to the heart and mind and have no doubt inspired many. I am still thinking about the turkish delight and dumplings. We are staying tuned and look forward to hearing about your next adventure. Lots of love, Kate xx

  17. Gaylie says:

    What an amazing journey. So happy to have shared it with you. Just as well you’re going to drip feed wee posts until July….good to let us all down lightly!!!
    From your Auckland aunty…t’was enlightening, invigorating and joyous to be a part of your life.
    And so wonderful to get to know the amazing Miss Coco…! As I mentioned once before ‘she is not a breath of fresh air but a hurricane’!! Much love GG
    PS those underwater shots were excellent. More, more more!

  18. schnook says:

    oh little schnook
    brought a tear to my eye
    beautiful way to end a wonderfilled project

  19. nicole says:

    Hi Lou
    It might be too early for your tears, but I shed some of my own! Thanks for allowing us all to be voyeurs to your adventures, and to your relationship with your gorgeous daughter x

  20. Mitch says:

    Fabulous final post Louise! Love your underwater exploration! Thank you for sharing your always amazing and insightful adventures with us. I will miss your regular treats in my inbox, however look forward to catching up when we too return home to Sydney in April after six years as global nomads. I am confident that you have given Coco a gift that she will treasure, and draw upon, for the rest of her days. Cheers Mitch

  21. pat says:

    Thank you again Louise and Coco.As someone before me said both happy and sad, but a beautiful way to end. Looked at it with a smile on my face all the way through! Congratulations and thanks for sharing xx

  22. di says:

    You and Coco are an inspiration Louise.

  23. Nikki says:

    Dear Louise and Coco
    What a wonderful journey for me to have with you over the last 12 mths… you both have been truly inspirational and amazing. The world is a wonderful place and people still amaze me.. .thanks for making me see that. x Nikki

  24. Margaret says:

    Admit it – your head is already swimming with ideas for future projects. Please.

  25. Kristin says:

    Absolutely wonderful post and photos, Louise. You are so inspiring. Will definitely come to your next exhibition as well. x Kristin

  26. Sean says:

    Congratulations on finishing such an epic project! Your images and prose never failed to stir up emotions with the intricate details you pick up, all done with a compassionate eye! Enjoy your time back home with each other, and I can’t wait to hear of your next project!

  27. Lisa says:

    Hi Louise, sitting at work reading your final post and feeling quite teary about it all! I supported you through your kickstarter project and have loved every photo and post throughout the year. So inspiring! Can’t wait to see your exhibition! xx

  28. Amy says:

    Congratulations! It’s been so wonderful keeping up with your travels and seeing your beautiful images, stunning on their own but when you pair them they sing louder.
    Good luck with the next venture. I await with anticipation for more great things.

  29. Janie says:

    Congratulations to you both. I agree with Nicole – had trouble stopping the tears when I read your wrap. I don’t normally read blogs but so glad I found yours as it combined two of my great loves; travel and photography (although my photos aren’t very good). Hope to catch the exhibition in July. Thanks for taking me round the world with you.

  30. Suey says:

    well it wasn’t too early for me shed a tear or two. Congratulations Lou! x

  31. Jenny says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have sincerely loved going on this journey with you. You have inspired me SO MUCH with your lovely photos and adventurous heart, and Coco too! What an excellent couple of gals you are. Best wishes with whatever you do next (and I hope you bring us along). :)

  32. Briar says:

    Wow – Louise & Coco – what a story… I loved it xx

  33. Kylie says:

    What a journey…thanks Louise and Coco for sharing your adventure. I wish both of you all the best for whatever the future may bring.

  34. David Hancock says:

    Well done girl….you rock!

  35. Sarah says:

    Louise and Coco…Thank You, Thank You so much for allowing myself to follow you on the journey of a lifetime. Coco has grown up so much and has seen so many amazing things that I will never see in person! Bless you both. All the best for the next part of the venture.

  36. Gretel says:

    Wonderful! Enjoyed every minute…thank you Louise and Coco!!
    (PS thought for a moment you had written “sharks!” in the sand!!! :-)

  37. Ruth says:

    Thank you very much for taking all of us along for the ride. It was fun, interesting, amazing, sad, thought provoking, and travel lust inducing! Hope to see you in Canada someday! Cheers from Ruth

  38. Catherine Cloran says:

    I have really enjoyed your travels and photographs from start to finish. I admire your adventurous spirit and your incredible stamina to keep going, when it must have seemed too hard at times. Love your view of Coogee – it’s my closest beach and a place I visit and photograph regularly. Best wishes for the future, Catherine

  39. Carol says:

    Thank you Louise for this wonderful blog and your superb photographs of all the bits that make up th esuburbs you’ve visited. You and Coco must be such special people. I hope you do more.

  40. Lisa Levick says:

    I feel so lucky to have managed to get on board from the start of your expedition! Am sorry it’s ending but will just have to make plans to come up to Sydney for the exhibition! Thank you. It’s been so much fun to travel along virtually with you and dream…

  41. Roger Evans says:

    One last time, tell Coco I won’t dance and stop asking me!
    Fabulous finish to an epic journey. Just plain wow. You must be so proud of that little girl.

  42. JENNY says:

    Home Sweet Home! – Thank you for a marvellous 12 months following your travels around the globe. Your photosgraphs and descriptions are just wonderful.

  43. Emma says:

    Beautiful. Well done! Emma x

  44. Meg says:

    Congratulations Louise and Coco – an amazing experience for us reading your blog, but also for you both – thanks for sharing – look forward to the exhibition.Looking forward to hearing the amazing project is next for you guys…;)

  45. Shezzy says:

    LOVE LOVE this stunning collection

  46. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much for this jppurney. It has been wonderful to follow your travels. x

  47. Nicole says:

    Oh, please ignore the typo above…

  48. Kim says:

    Thanks for some great photography and fab stories. It has been brilliant tuning into your emails. Greta to know you are a Sydneysider…we are lucky.
    You have inspired a new direction in some of my photo content….any chance you will take up walking the street photography tours? I’d love to come

  49. Chantal says:

    What a journey!! Thank you so much for letting me join you virtually on this wonderful year long adventure in image & text – every time I’ve read the posts I’ve been magically transported to your chosen destination & taken out of my day to day life.
    I’m looking forward to reliving it again in exhibition & book form.
    Also – a big thank you as well to coco CXXX

  50. Lisette says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful project come to its inevitable end. Week after week I have been on tenterhooks to see where you and Coco have been wandering and what you have discovered on your traipsings around the globe. I will miss discovering new places with you (albeit virtually)… but I’m keeping and eye out, for no doubt you’ll come up with more delightful stuff to have me hooked once more!

    And should you ever visit Barcelona… look me up!

  51. Teena Hughes says:

    Dearest Louise and Coco :

    I’m sitting here in Melbourne (during the 2nd heat wave – ick!) with tears in my eyes as I read your last post … I was in Paris when I found your blog post about the area I was staying in (fashion wholesale, little India), and had just missed you both there, so I signed up and have been on a virtual whirling dervish of a tour with you both — and it’s been a sheer delight!

    Thank you both for sharing your journey, ups and downs, struggles and triumphs and the most beautiful photos in such an easily digestible way amongst your word-pictures.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can’t wait for you to publish a book and DVD of your latest journey!

    I know how hard it will be for you both to settle down without the expectations on you to constantly update the blog between jetsetting, travel plans, etc etc; you might even feel slightly “lost” for a while … but it’ll be a “good” lost, and you’ll both settle back into Sydney life in no time flat, I’m sure of it.

    Bravo and congratulations to two gorgeous courageous Aussie girls – I salute you both and send you giant hugs, with love!


  52. ejorpin says:

    Wow! What a truly amazing journey! Congrats on completing it, I can imagine it’s a bitter sweet feeling indeed. I’ve thoroughly loved following along with your adventures, and have been gobsmacked by the beauty of your photography skills with each post (and I am FULL of questions as to how you get so many wonderful photos of complete strangers…). Welcome home x

  53. Elowyn says:

    Thank you!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories, images, visions of the world. This last post was particularly beautiful, the underwater images especially. Thanks again, can’t wait to see what you Di next x

  54. Deb says:

    I have LOVED this series as much as the last one. Brilliant work.

  55. Katie says:

    Loved it all, thanks so much! I’m watching this space!!!

  56. cathy says:

    I’ve looked forward to each new post. I feel like i have been taken on an amazing journey with you both.
    You finished it off beautifully with Coogee. Congratulations!

  57. ellen says:

    i loved this one i loved the whylies pics there i will miss you and the blog posts specialy after july who knwos now uve falllen in love with the baths ill see ya round on a weekend soon make sure u keep a look out love the baths mum and all mums side of the fam grew up here in coogee and so did grandma me i grew up drummoyne and ashfield but coogee is home even back then i used to love coming to grandmas who is kinda south coogee kinda maroubra and feeling the ocean breeze and itd b stinking hot over at drummoyne love this area and i love u miss ya xxx

  58. Anna Sticklebricks says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing year. Your creativity, photos, insights, humour and drive are inspirational. Very much looking forward to the exhibition and so relieved to hear that there will still be some posts from you. Hope you get some time to rest before the next project, whatever that may be!

  59. Nina says:

    Tears of joy. Joy from your incredible photos. You always find the beautiful colours, angles, signage, and people. Superb, Louise and Coco. Keep going, see you soon.

  60. Sophie says:

    ok so now is the real time to say goodbye :) i wish i could come to sydney for the exhibition but i’m stuck in france (where there would be so much more for you to see!). thanks again for the inspiration!

  61. NIKI HUGHES says:

    Thanks Louise. What an experience … and look how you have developed in your work …awsome :)!

  62. John Ellis says:

    Very many thanks for sharing such amazing insights of places one will never get to. Also for the beautiful photography.

  63. Diane says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to travel the world with you and Coco – it has been an absolutely delightful experience. Congratulations.

  64. tall says:

    Congratulations and welcome back.
    My daughter has a school news project about life in another country this week. You & Coco have done the ultimate project. I think I may send her in with your blog web address !

  65. Jenny O'Shea says:

    Louise I met you a long time ago through Claire Masters and just linked on to your blog via Gay Miers. I loved suburb 52 and thought the images completely beautiful, honest and inspiring. I’ll be working my way backwards. I’m sure your journey will make a beautiful book and hope that’s where you are headed. You have created a wonderful life for yourself and Coco – one filled with amazing experiences and memories. Cheers Jenny

  66. jo says:

    such a compelling journey – how to engage & really see.
    coco is so lucky – you are amazing
    all the best for the next iterations of “52” – and beyond xx

  67. Mimi says:

    congratulations!! It’s been a long and amazing journey!!

  68. Sandra W. says:

    Dear Louise, dear Coco,
    I really enjoyed following your journey virtually!
    Thank you so much for sharing :)
    I discoverd your 52 suburbs Sydney blog in 2011 when you were about to leave and rock the world. So I followed…
    I also thank you for your Sydney posts. Being in Sydney only for 4 days two years ago, I was pretty amazed what to discover when I ever come back…
    As I´m from Germany, it took more time I ´ve wished, but in the end I managed to come.
    Thank to your posts and book I wandered for example through the streets of Cabramatta, Cronulla, Newtown, Redfern and Eveleigh with more open eyes for details and enjoyed it pretty much.
    Well, I truly will miss your posts.
    Wish you a wonderful time and exhibition.
    Thanks again, Sandra

  69. Ros de Vries says:

    Thank you so much for taking us on this amazing journey with you. You’ve inspired so many of us!

  70. Jen says:

    Breathe out now. What a huge achievement. It takes a lot of guts to go after your dream and you did it. Now home, take time for yourself, you really do deserve it Louise.

    Thank you for sharing your dream with others, it’s been inspiring.

  71. Lisa Claridge says:

    Hi Louise.
    Congratulations and heartfelt thanks on the amazing journey we shared with you and Coco. What an achievement!! Your photos inspired, your words informed, your reality became our dream. Your adventure may be over, but I look forward to getting a book and reliving it all again.
    I am planning on going over there from Perth, for your exhibition.
    All the best to you both. Hope you are able to settle in again easily.

  72. Di @ beachtropic says:

    Thank you Louise, I’ve checked in every week for two years. Loved it all. Especially the news about Coco each time.
    Farewell, I’m sure we will ‘see’ you again soon.
    Di xx

  73. Joel says:

    Wish I’d known you were just around the corner – I could have come and given you a proper send-off. =)

    It’s been fun, though. Maybe you could do with something a bit more sedate for your next project. Fifty-two cakes? =D

  74. Ian Stead says:

    Id like to thank you so very much for sharing a small part of your life and love. You have given me inspiration in my own photography and my interest in what the rest of the world is like. Your style of presenting your photographs has been something new to me and your writing has been so very enjoyable. Both of these aspects together have given a vivid picture of what you have seen and experienced. Thank you again.

  75. Nick says:

    Beautiful words to end with, and as always beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to see where this takes you next. BTW, I have to nominate “Heidi’s studio :: 1”
    as one of my all time favourites for the way you have photographed her sketch – it leaps from the page as if rendered in 3D.

  76. KT says:

    Congratulations Louise! I’ve loved this project so much. Pleased to see you finish in Coogee – I lived there until age 3 and then recently returned to the eastern suburbs. Coogee Beach is my new local. It’s a great spot.
    Enjoy a much-deserved rest!

  77. Millie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous as usual, congratulations, only wish I could see your exhibition. Well done on all fronts. xx

  78. jann says:

    What an engrossing and gorgeous project, Louise. Congratulations on getting through to the end. I’ve enjoyed every post enormously. So glad to have met you and Coco briefly at the bus stop in Rome. I am going to look back at your posts again and again and again. You really inspired me!!!

  79. Sarah says:

    Sad for it to be over, but happy that it happened! Looking forward to the exhibition, really enjoyed following your journey!

  80. Trudie Hurt says:

    Your journey has been so inspirational, thank you!

  81. Helmut says:

    What a lovely end! Heidi’s studio:The combination of her scetchbook and your photos is marvelous.
    Sad that it’s the end. Followed you since the last posts of the “original” ;-) 52 suburbs. So you have been a constant factor in my readings. Looking forward to the book.
    Thanks so much to you and Coco

  82. Toni Mostyn says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed ‘coming’ with you and Coco and this incredible journey. Your photos have been an inspiration. It must be a mixed emotion for you, I know I am going to miss my weekly 52 fix. Look forward to wherever it takes you next. Thanks Toni

  83. Sharon says:

    I have to admit to shedding a few tears tonight. Congratulations on reaching your goal. I feel a trip to Sydney is necessary later in the year to visit your exhibition.

  84. Louise says:

    Dear all – Good lord you’re all so wonderful! Thank you so much for these glorious words. I’ve been savouring every single one since I posted on Monday morning. I’m so lucky to have had such generous, smart, open minds travel around the world with us for a year – and in some cases, longer, since my first project. I only hope you can continue to check in here to see what else eventuates. It would be too sad to say goodbye now! And I so look forward to meeting you in the flesh if you can make it to the exhibition. x

  85. Jackie Nolan says:

    Louise. It has been super to be a virtual traveller in
    your world tour for a whole year. Your insight has
    given such pleasure and education re other parts
    of the world as well as Sydney. Well done! A
    marathon indeed. All best wishes for your and Coco’s future. Looking forward to your exhibition.

  86. Trudy says:

    Congrats! What an amazing thing you did! It was a pleasure meeting you, too bad Coco wasn’t there. I’ll take me forever to read through this entire adventure. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

  87. MJ says:

    Congratulations on completing your amazing journey! An incredible experience for you both. Coco will treasure those memories and that broad view of the world forever. Beautiful photos throughout and especially at the end of this last post. Just gorgeous. All the best as you settle back into life in Sydney.

  88. Bron E says:

    There are many, many reasons,
    (Quite likely 52!)
    Why we’ll miss your magic postings
    And the news of both of you.

    Now we wait impatiently,
    As do all your loyal fans
    To hear what you will think of next
    For your latest dreams and plans.

    • Louise says:

      What a wonderful reply, oh me oh my… I won’t even try to match your clever rhyme. Just to say, there will be a break before the next adventure but as soon as my head and heart makes it known, I’ll pass it on!

  89. Fer Buenos Aires says:

    WOW!!! “Beneath” series are so beautiful! Hope you come back soon! I would be so sad if you blog finish in july :(

  90. Elisa says:

    I must admit. I was moved! Your project is one of the most beautiful projects that I’ve ever heard. Your photos and your compositions, are absolutely incredible.
    Your images convey feelings that words can not say, and I have noticed also on my skin: the way you described some neighborhoods of Rome and the way you’ve been able to photograph some beautiful places in which I live every day, but of which I had never noticed….
    And then, Coco. Impressive to see how she grew up, compared to July. Smiling and beautiful as usual! Thanks for everything. For the virtual journey that you allowed me to travel all over the world, and the short but intense meetings that we had in Rome, you really are a person of inspiration. Good journey… journey of life I mean!
    Elisa from Rome
    ps: here is almost spring. And soon I’ll came back to eat ice cream every day. I think to you every time I will go to the ice cream shop in Trastevere!

    • Louise says:

      Elisa, whenever Coco and I have gelato, we always say, remember meeting Elisa in Rome… It really did make our stay there even more special. So very glad you could come ‘travelling’ with us and enjoyed the journey. If ever you come to Sydney, we know a good gelato place we’d both love to take you to! x

  91. Peter McConnochie says:

    Well done, congratulations, top stuff!

    It’s been amazing having the chance to follow your journey (and Coco’s adventure) one burb at a time!

    The book of your Sydney burbs was a favourite source of inspiration for me so the ongoing live journey has been a total blessing!

    Thanks for sharing it and for the lens recommendation (50 1.2 it is)!

    Thanks, thanks, thanks x

  92. Helena says:

    those underwater photos are so clear, they look amazing! – I would love to see more of those

  93. ellen says:

    i hate good byes so no b ye form me lol

    • Louise says:

      Agreed. And anyway, that was just a ‘bye’ for now – I’m not going anywhere.

  94. Peter says:

    Wow…what a great Journey.

    Thank you for letting us into your wonderful adventure. Having been to some the cities you travelled to, it made me reminisce of the times I spent there.
    Loved it all the photos, the commentary.
    Very sad to have it come to an end.

    Looking forward to the exhibition in Sydney.

  95. Jeni says:

    It was a joy to share this experience with you both. Thank you sincerely. I’ll look forward to the exhibition too, you’ve got a good venue :)

  96. Catharine says:

    Incredible!! What a way to end this year hey? I’m studying photography and you have been such a massive inspiration to me. I look forward to seeing what you’ve got coming up!

  97. Louise says:

    Thanks everyone. I’m enjoying sitting still after a year of constant movement but I miss our weekly interactions! So I’ll post soon okay? x

  98. Kathy says:

    Thank you and Coco so much for sharing your travel experience, your ups and downs, your view on all these cities..I’ll miss it, but am looking forward to whatever project might come up next! It was an amazing journey you took your followers on!
    Winterly greetings from Germany,

    PS: you inspired me to take pictures from crazy angles, from small parts, from special people and things that I would have never thought of photographing. THANK YOU!!

    • Louise says:

      I love that I’ve inspired you to get nimble with your camera! Amazing the difference it can make if you crouch low/high, move to the side etc. Best of luck with it.

  99. Ewen says:

    Fabulous body of work. Fabulous :)

  100. cherry jensen says:

    Your blog has inspired me to get going again and
    see some more of the world. I have just visited Cogee and it is one of my favourite swimming holes.
    Many thanks indeed.

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