Sydney summer pics and … the book is here!

Happy New Year! Good break? As much as I was craving a relaxing time, I was busy over the holiday period, doing various shoots for various people.

My jobs took me all over the place, from the city to the suburbs. Yet as busy as I was, I couldn’t help returning to one thought – when will the books arrive? Those 52 Suburbs Around the World books?

In fact, I swear everyone I photographed was thinking the same thing …


where is that book?

where is that book?





when is it going to be here?

when is it going to be here?





"anyone know?"

“anyone know?”




When the news broke that the book wouldn’t make Christmas, those that had pre-ordered a copy of the book as a Christmas present for someone were particularly put out …


"What are you going to buy instead?"

“What are you going to buy instead?”





exactly, what??

exactly, what??





the sale of flowers spiked as the news that the book wouldn't make Christmas spread

the sale of flowers spiked as the news that the book wouldn’t make Christmas spread





beautiful - but it wasn't the book

beautiful – but it wasn’t the book





"don't worry honey, it'll be here soon"

“don’t worry honey, it’ll be here soon”




Then, as of yesterday at midday to be precise …


the cry went out - the book is here! hooray!

the cry went out – the book is here! hooray!


From this morning I will be signing and then posting books off to all those who pre-ordered, either through Pozible or the blog Shop (and thanks once again for your patience!) It’ll take a day or so to get them all posted but you should receive your copy within a week if you live locally, and a little longer for those overseas.


at last

at last

If you haven’t pre-ordered and would like to call a copy your own, you can now BUY one from the blog shop – none of this pre-ordering hoopla anymore.

And if you’re really keen, come hear me natter on about the project, blog and book next week at a TALK next week at Berkelouw Books, Paddington – Thursday February 6 at 6.30. Go here for tickets ($8.50, refunded if you buy a book).

I’ll post some pics of the book soon (it’s looking good!) but right now, I can’t wait to get these little babies out the door and into the world. Hallelujah!!

Order my first book online

Buy the 52 Suburbs Book online

Find out more about the Sydney book here



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