come for a spin around the exhibition

After the excitement of the Saturday before last – giving my talk to a packed audience and seeing piles of people inside the gallery space – I wanted to walk around my exhibition on my own.

So one day last week I slipped in and had a quiet stroll around the room with just a few other people around.

It’s completely surreal to see everyone we met and photographed around the world, up there on the walls – or in the case of Sultana (the Bangladeshi beauty from Jamaica, Queens, NY) standing proud outside the Museum of Sydney (the image below).

I only wish I could let her, and everyone else in the exhibition, know.





For those who won’t be able to make it to the exhibition before it ends (November 24), I took some pics inside the gallery space …










¬†As with the first exhibition of my Sydney based project, there’s an extra AV component, showing another 100 or so images that aren’t on the wall with an accompanying voice-over, as well as some video I shot. You can just see it through the number 5 below.





And attention all Kickstarter crowdfunding supporters – remember as part of your Reward, I said I’d include your names in the exhibition? Well, here they are, in the panel below – the first thing people see before they take a walk around the gallery.


Thank You panel




Thank You panel 2



By the way, I’ve had several emails asking me if prints are for sale. The answer is, yes, they are. I’m in the process of setting up an ordering system on the blog and hopefully it’ll be done within a week or so. If you can’t wait, please just email me directly and I’ll organise it. The choices will be – various sizes, printed on cotton rag (beautiful) or photographic paper, and framed or unframed.

The book will also be available for pre-order on the blog too.

Okay, that’s it for now. Speak soon.




  1. Amy says:

    So exciting Louise. Wish I could see it in Sydney but perhaps you can organise a Melbourne exhibition next?
    Looking forward to the prints being available.

    • Louise says:

      Mmm, tour the tour – good idea! I know the MoS decided on magnets not pins to secure the prints on the wall so that it could be moved elsewhere so you never know.

  2. Vivian S. says:

    Went to see it on Saturday Louise – and was thrilled to see my name on the board as I entered. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pictures “in the flesh” and it brought back lovely memories of each installment that made following the project so memorable. Can’t wait to receive the book and look forward to your next venture! (no pressure)…

    • Louise says:

      Glad you got to see your name in person. And walking around the gallery is like reliving the experience isn’t it? Given I’ve been focused on nothing else for the past few months – and have had cause to go through the project so many times, again and again – I feel like I’ve been whirling around the world countless times. Loved it but I need to stop!

  3. Gay says:

    Yes great idea, take the exhibition to various cities around the world. I’m sure ther must be galleries, museums or art spaces which would be interested.

    • Louise says:

      I’m on the case!

  4. Sarah says:

    I too agree with Amy, Please come to Melbourne, I am sure those lovely red heaeded twins would love to see there pic!

  5. Di Souphandavong says:

    I wish that I could see the exhibition it looks amazing. Congratulations on a wonderful project and thank you very much for the beautiful prints that you sent. I will treasure them.

    • Louise says:

      So happy you appreciate them so much Di.

  6. Tanya says:

    Looks amazing Louise, well done! Did you mention you had a video clip of your talk?

    • Louise says:

      Thanks Tanya! And yes, in the previous blog post, at the end, there’s a video of the whole talk.

  7. Claire says:

    Oh Louise, I so wish I could have been there.. it looks amazing… London viewing perhaps?!

    • Louise says:

      If London wants me, I will come! Except of course they’d be asking, so why didn’t you include London in your project…

  8. Toni Mostyn says:

    This looks just fantastic. Well done, Louise!! I am hoping to get to see the exhibition and look forward to seeing the photos from the blog in such bigger than life size. I will definitely be getting the book (and maybe a print or 2-(canvas rag format sounds gorgeous):)

    • Louise says:

      I hope you do get the chance to see it – the images look soooo different at that scale. And the cotton rag paper they’re printed on is just lush.

  9. gotham girl says:

    Bring it to NYC!!!

    • Louise says:

      Wouldn’t that be cool? Who do I speak to? Who’s the Bringer-of-Exhibitions-to-NYC dude?!

  10. Chris MacDonald says:

    Looks fantastic Louise looking forward to seeing the exhibition when we’re back in Sydney. Congratulations xx

  11. Jackie Nolan says:

    Exhibition looks just super! Wonderful presentation!
    Could not get to the official Opening but will be there
    soon to see it in real life. I think it would be great to
    take it to other capital cities in Australia etc.
    I will be ordering some prints on cotton rag paper
    and also copies of the book. Have told friends and
    especially those interested in photography re the
    exhibition. Just great!

    • Louise says:

      It would be great if we could tour the exhibition, I agree. And please check back in a little while Jackie for print ordering details.

  12. Ian Stead says:

    Please come to Melbourne. Also would have been a great stand at the Ballarat Photo Festival!

  13. Kathy says:

    just pre-ordered your book, am soooo looking forward to hold it in my hands. Am kinda excited :)

    • Louise says:

      Oh very good – and you’re in Germany right? Lovely to think of the book wending its way all over the world to land on peoples’ doorsteps.

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