Ignore the email from me – I’m not in the Ukraine!

Last night my gmail account was hacked and you may have received an email from me telling you I was stuck in the Ukraine and needed money.

I am not. I am in poor old smoky Sydney, watching our state continue to burn and saying a prayer for those brave families who’ve lost their homes – and the incredible firies who pit themselves against nature enraged.

Please just ignore the silly buggers who sent the email.

So as this is not all doom and gloom-ish, here are a few images I took recently on a job in Newtown, a neighbourhood I once lived in and still hold dear.

Much love from me on this strange, smoky day.








a thoughtful punk

a thoughtful punk





new on old - Newtown Municipal Council

new on old – Newtown Municipal Council





whatever the question?

whatever the question?


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