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Just to say… apologies for adding to the swathe of ‘Christmas specials’ that are no doubt coming at you from every direction right now!

Having made the decision to join the tidal wave, I may as well go the whole hog…

It’s a 352 page hard back, with more than 750 colour photos, now only $49.95, that would appeal to:

• Your travel-hungry relative/friend who’d love to see a lesser known side of iconic cities

• A mum/dad who’s curious about travelling with a child

• Anyone interested in photography – especially how to approach strangers to take their photos (I include the back story to some of my favourite images – what happened in the moments leading up to taking the shot and an insight into how I go about approaching people I want to photograph).


And here’s some nice comments from some nice people about the book:

“It’s beautiful! Was on my doorstep tonight. It made me smile and laugh and even shed a little tear, and I’ve really only read the intro and flicked through the photos. Congratulations to you and Coco. You should be thrilled!” Sherrill Nixon

“Got mine yesterday and read it from cover to cover last night. Forgot dinner till about 11pm, when I finished. Love it to bits. Looking forward to reading it again over the weekend . . . and more adventures from Louise & Coco.” Peter J Rogers

“It is quite overwhelming …even more wonderful than I expected. Congrats. You can be justly proud of a unique work.” John Swainston


So there we are. If you’re interested, head here! Every copy comes with a set of seven postcards and if you’d like me to dedicate the book to someone or just sign it, leave a note on the order page.



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